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Description: Slack brings team communication and collaboration into one place so you can get more work done, whether you belong to a large enterprise or a small business. Slack is very well-known in the industry, and yet it is constantly adding new functionalities and integrations which reinvent the app for many of us.

Alfred - Productivity App for macOS

The recently added calls functionality made Slack newly attractive for teams that use different forms of communication. Slack for Mac makes it much easier to work with the app rather than use it through the browser. Do not forget about the selection of bots inside of Slack. Some of them are very powerful and customizable.

Hubot is programmed using a simple script language and can automate many processes like daily stand-up or publishing reports. Description: Alfred is a keyboard-driven productivity application helping you launch apps and search your local computer as well as the web with great speed. Alfred is available only for Mac OS and can be considered the ultimate productivity tool for any marketer or PR professional who is doing a lot of research and multitasking.

Alfred allows you to search your computer faster than ever using some simple shortcuts. After opening the 21st tab in your browser, your Mac gets slow, then it freezes. Five minutes later you have to restart. I suppose such situations happen to all of us. What a waste of time. Cleaner is a tiny free Mac app downloadable from the Mac App Store which prevents your computer from getting slow and cluttered with junk.

Description: The Unarchiver is a small and easy to use program that can unarchive many different kinds of archive files.

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Some archives can be especially hard to deal with on your Mac. Especially if you are used to handling them without trouble on a Windows computer. Unarchiver relieves you from that burden—it is very handy, reliable, and user-friendly. Installation of applications is incredibly fast - a status bar in the Dock icon reveals how much time is left for downloading and installation and apps are ready to use in your Dock within seconds depending on the size of the application. This is definitely one of the Mac App Store's strongest features.

Even better, updates take place automatically although there's no guarantee they will be free if the developer chooses to charge a fee. Overall, the Mac App Store finally brings Macs into line with iPhones in terms of convenience of trying new applications. Dreaming of an ad-free web? Browse with Brave. Learn more. Of course, there has been the Apple download site for Mac apps for quite some time now but the Mac App Store is a much View full description.

Softonic review It was only a matter of time before Apple launched their own dedicated Mac App Store which duly arrived at the beginning of You can adjust color, light, clarity, highlights, shadows, and more. Add effects like color shadows, lens distortions, vignettes, and filters. This app works best when you are trying to enhance your pictures, not when you are trying to get artsy with them. If you can't seem to get your picture just right, trigger one of the helpful tutorials to learn how to brighten dark images or properly add white balance.

There are dozens of pro-level tools, but they are designed to be used by anyone. Wunderlist is the best task manager app you can get without paying for it. You can create different lists and add time-sensitive projects to them, create tasks with recurring due dates, and share your lists with others. It syncs across Mac and iOS , so you can take your lists with you everywhere you go.

Best Mac apps: 15 must-have apps from the Mac App Store

You'll always be ready to take care of business. You can set due dates for tasks and reminders to help keep you on task. You can also include subtasks for specific projects and leave yourself a note if you need more details. Tag a task as important and it will move to the top of your list. Evernote is like that basket you have next to the couch or that drawer in your kitchen that has everything in it.

You can clip web pages, link status updates, add music, store pictures, create new notes, and share anything you want with others. Not only is it the perfect junk drawer for every digital thing you could possibly want to save, but it is also totally organizable so your junk looks more like a perfectionist's desk. You can make checklists, set reminders, drop notes into existing documents, annotate pictures, and all manner of stuff. It does practically everything except fix the kitchen sink. TickTick is a great choice if you want an easy to use task manager that is still powerful enough to help you feel productive.

TickTick is completely cross-platform across 10 different platforms, and you can even access all of your tasks on the web. Adding tasks can be done with a keyboard shortcut, you get instant reminders, flexibility with recurring tasks and priority levels, checklists, and sync.

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There are no restrictions, but you can go with TickTick Premium for more features like grid views of timeline and calendars, smart lists, sub-task reminders, and more. They're nice bonuses, but you can get the basic functionality which is more than enough for most for free. If Evernote isn't really your thing you do need a subscription to get the most use out of it , then consider Microsoft OneNote.

Think of OneNote as your digital notebook for capturing everything: thoughts, discoveries, ideas, notes, etc. You can create multiple notebooks for different topics or subjects, and each notebook can hold an unlimited number of notes. Your notes can include just plain text, drawings, PDF documents, files, web snippets, and pretty much anything else you would possibly need to reference later. If you love reading eBooks, then the Kindle app is a must-have for your Mac. With the Kindle app, you'll get access to your collection of Amazon Kindle books, and Amazon Whispersync means they'll also be accessible on your other devices too, including iPhone and iPad.

Whispersync will keep track of the last page you read, bookmarks, notes, and highlights, so you simply pick up where you left off on your Mac, Kindle, iPhone, or iPad. The Kindle app also lets you sample books for free, and you can purchase directly from the Kindle bookstore, or import your own eBooks.

How to fix Mac App Store download problems

Apple geeks, pay attention. This little reference tool is going to impress you. It features detailed information on every single Apple product ever made, including things like processor speeds, original price, and current selling price. Did you know that the first Macintosh only had 1 MB of memory?

With Mactracker, you will know all about all the Macs. And, you can input your own Apple devices, too. So you can keep track of what you own and whether it is still under warranty. It covers more than just Mac's too. You can look up servers, PowerBooks, and every software update for every device. Sometimes, you're just trying to find that perfect word, the one that rhymes perfectly for your song or the one that is similar to the word you are thinking of, but works better in a sentence. Megawords is a simple little app that gives you a wealth of information in just a few seconds.

You can look up anagrams, find rhymes, and even get a little help with crossword puzzles. Type in a word to get the dictionary definition, synonyms, and even geographical information if the word happens to also be the name of a place. Friendly for Twitter is a lightweight app that lets you log in to all of your Twitter accounts, and then some. Friendly acts as a lightweight chrome around the Twitter web app, so it's fast and light.