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To start: You have already assured me that Windows networking is enabled on your Mac. Make sure that your Mac and TV set are on the same subnet. Please don't sound so nasty, I am only asking for help. In my first post I gave a link to the software that is needed on the PC in order for the TV to see the computer. I phoned the Samsung support line twice and discussed in some great detail and they told me the TV would not work on a mac because the said mentioned software is Windows only. I posted here because they are not Mac specialists and I thought someone here might have an answer that the Samsung tech did not.

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I believe the computer and TV are on the same subnet, but if my "relatively little technically knowledged Grandma" could do it I don't think it should be that difficult. Thank you for trying to help me with this, but if you can't, I do understand and maybe someone else has an idea. Thanks again. Mikuro Crotchety UI Nitpicker. This is not easy to set up and configure, unfortunately, and it's a little different for every program, so I couldn't walk you through it.

Hopefully TVMobili will work for you. MacPopcorn Registered. Hi, Just saw this post whilst surfing the same problem, it is rather annoying that Samsung choose to ignore Mac users. I use Vuze on my imac and MBP and stream movies through this to my TV, but you have to use ethernet cable as streaming Blueray or 3D is well poor wireless little slow. Cheers Pop However I run Vuze. The answer to your problems are the following 1.

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Last edited: Jul 5, Oh boy, this is your lucky day! I have a 55" Samsung series very similar to your 60". There is an awesome media server for Mac called Plex. It is Free.

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Plex will also stream to iPhone, iPad, and Android. There is a Rovio client, etc. Natasha Registered. I still can't figure this samsung allshare crap out Serviio was waiting for me under the videos section of AllShare, no issues.


Sudipto Das Registered. Please use the DLNA servers in mac such as serviio or vuze.

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You can play music or video or can see pictures. In my experience Serviio is good. You do not seed much configuration. I am assuming you have a samsung smart tv. If you have a older version of the tv then you can you HDMI cable. Another question Thanks for all help.

You should ask over on Serviio forums about why it stops working the developer could look at the logs and tell you whats going wrong. As to DVD menus Samsung dont support those and never will, it is not a proper network media player. Will try with that SW.

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Curly99 , Nov 26, Dec 18, at AM. The best solution in my opinion is Vuze.

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Vuze is not just a torrents client, but it also now offers a connectivity module that enables you to share video with PS3, Xbox and Smart TVs. My Samsung has been picked up instantly from the app, and all I have to do is drag and drop my movies files to the TV Device folder, and that is all! No drop outs on the streaming and super easy to use. Dec 27, at AM. Yes, like you, I also hv gone thru problems such as yours Eventually I managed to put the movies into the right folders that are "shared" in my laptop.

Just make sure the folder path is the same in your computer as well as that on your TVMobili website. Hope this helps. Apr 22, at PM. I agree vuze is the best, works for me.